A film by auteur filmmaker Sharon Hyman which asks the question:                                    

Does anyone ever REALLY feel like a grownup?

On the cusp of turning 40, filmmaker Sharon Hyman feels like she should

have certain external trappings of grownuphood - but she doesn't.

In her eyes, there are early-bloomers, there are late-bloomers

and then there are what she calls Neverbloomers -

those of us still waiting for our grownup lives to kick in!

Feeling like the Neverbloomer poster child, Hyman asks everyone

she meets if they feel like grownups, and what the concept means to them.

What emerges is a thought-provoking and philosophical dialogue

about the meaning of adulthood which ultimately celebrates the

Neverbloomer in all of us.

“Hyman is a one-woman film industry” - Montreal Gazette

Produced, written, directed, edited and starring Sharon Hyman

In association with documentary

Co-starring Canada’s “Ambassador of Documentary” Peter Wintonick, best pal Naomi Levine, Sharon’s Hassidic rabbi, her doctors, her friends, and of course, her mother.